After working the whole day, when the time comes to spend with the family, then entertainment is the majority choice.


Sound System, Media Room, Home Theater and Projector are the basic elements using for home entertainment purpose.


Easily control multiple audio, video, lights and projector screen for an immersive movie-watching environment sources with a single handheld remote and the entire house with a playlist or station of choice with travel from room-to-room without missing a beat is called the perfect entertainment arrangement.
LinksPro provide the power, performance and reliability to deliver the smart entertainment solution at your home and workplace. Our system integrates technology from all your favorite brands flawlessly like DENON, SONY, APPLE, SONOS. We deliver the best solution that the client can store their music and video also with distribute to any room or the whole home and workplace. We have extremely advanced systems that utilize voice-recognition software. We set up the gauged against a preset list of stored voices so the system can tell who is in the room.
Today, everyone has the largest collection of music in his/her computer or laptop. But when it comes to enjoy them, then they have to be with it. So, how do you enjoy it when you are in kitchen, bathroom and terrace without adding speakers and huge wiring. LinksPro can possible it from its smart and experienced setup. LinksPro has the all types of appliances that made easy for your entertainment.


Here are some of the top and affordable products:
1. Sound System: Sound is a type of audio output in which the sound appears to “surround the listener” 360 degrees. These systems improve the articulation and detail of the sound, particularly at lower volume levels. It can also be integrated with Gaming, 3D, and Ultra HD components by making specific considerations to the usable space and/or viewing angles.
2. Media Room: Media Room is considered to be a dual purpose room, usually a Living or Family room designed in a lifestyle fashion. It includes a larger TV and a minimum 5.1 channel Surround Sound system which is broad and is used by some interchangeably with Home Theater.
3. Home Theater: It immerses the user in an environment that closely resembles that of a commercial theater. The screen is 70+ and the audio is 5.1 channel Surround Sound at minimum, but normally 7.2 channels.
Also can use the controllers, amplifiers, receivers, matrix switches and remote to operate easily. We simplify your entertainment experience and control it all with single device just at a single touch. So, now enjoy your movie, music, video and game without the need for additional gear with LinksPro.