When computer networks were isolated within the walls of offices, an Internet connection was a luxury and not a critical component of business functions.

So, the business owners are more aware about data warehousing than business intelligence. Customers, business partners, remote office locations, and mobile workers expect wireless connectivity to your office network.

This interconnected nature of networks opens doors to new levels of productivity. So, the security of the data is one of the main concerns. This is why there is a need to make use of business intelligence for security evaluation.

The LinksPro Network connection is easy to setup and most of the time reliable provided perfect as it is very essential for any network of computers. After the setup no matter how small or big it is, or the number of computers and users in the network. The motive of its setup is to ensure that the security of the network is maintained without allowing the leak of any private information belonging to the user, and that the computers in the network are accessible on the network to authorized and authenticated users.
Today, Hackers constantly work on hacking and trying to access internal networks of major companies to steal data and then later sell information belonging to these firms. LinksPro providing network maintenance and support that all such attacks are detected as soon as possible and repelled before any damage is done. Our Wireless Networking technologies have drawbacks such as Electromagnetic interferences, a slower transfer speed, then wired Networks and diverse security concerns. This will focus on Wireless Networks and the security concern that we have or should have when implementing such technology.
1. Wireless Security: We set your broadband router to accept only MAC addresses associated with the computers, game consoles, printers, data storage devices, etc... You need to share information between them over your working or home area network. This is usually an integrated, wired-wireless device which enables you to build a home LAN using either Ethernet Network cables or a Wi-Fi wireless connection. This helps keep someone that cracked your encryption and guessed your SSID of your network because the MAC address of the NIC does not match any you have set into the list of acceptable MACs on your wireless network. It also provides the Internet access connectivity.
LinksPro guarantee that the security of data is working efficiently by checking on the responsible component of the transmission of the data or information across the network. Once you set up the LinksPro home or office network, you can connect your PC and laptop, XBOX or PlayStation consoles, Web cameras for security, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, etc. After connecting these devices, you can share files over the network, organize game parties, play online games, watch your home from the office using a Web Camera etc.
2. Network Support: LinksPro install sufficient antivirus software to prevent the invasion of any virus because our Network Support begins immediately after your network setup. Because, the combination of more than two such programs should be used to ensure maximum safety and security of the client information. Also, facilities have to be created to validate the users of the network as they log onto the network. Use of passwords, retinal scan, fingerprint scan, pass keys, etc. will reduce the chances of any unauthorized entry.
As you gather more and more sets of data every day, it is impossible for you to ensure the safety of the information. However, with proper development of the LinksPro's business intelligence for security evaluations, you will be able to handle mountainous data for your corporate intranet. You gain a powerful hardware platform that provides the ability to filter malicious traffic and spam from the outside, receive regular security updates, provide secure remote access, implement intrusion detection and prevention services, and prevent infectious code executing from trusted but compromised sites. We hope now the decision is going to be easy for setting up the smart security network in your home and office from LinksPro.