Safety & Security

An intercom system for Safety & SECURITY begins with the front door.

Knowing who is ringing the doorbell before you answer it is extremely valuable according to the Safety & Security purpose.

Today, Technology has advanced greatly in the last decade, thereby, giving you various devices and gadgets to make your lives simpler. As long as you are making some changes, it is a great time to install or upgrade other aspects of home safety because the modern convenience of electricity is not taken for granted and is in proper working condition.


LinksPro's security systems allow you to perform various security tasks. You can give your house an inhabited look in your absence by switching on the television or the lights. We provide your home with much needed security and give you peace and comfort while you are out. Even you can control a security system such as the wireless system. Because the wireless system can be installed easily. The wireless system is also easy to operate as the transmitters, receivers, sensors, cameras, biometric products and controllers are convenient to use. Instead of new wiring being installed, the sensors of the wireless system can be placed in areas that are not easily accessible.
What areas of your home will need modification this depends on the individual needs of the older person moving in, and what particular commodities you are looking for. You need to look at every room and every surface with a keen eye for danger and inconvenience, with the same thoroughness that you would use if you were childproofing your home - though with obvious differences in outcomes. We check out the floors, counters, appliances, lighting, doors, and so on with a keen eye for anything that could potentially cause problems.
If you are using electricity safely by checking your outlets. Electrical outlets should never be used if they are cracked or broken. If the wires connected to the outlet that are loose, it can cause a shock hazard or a short circuit even if there is no electrical device plugged into it. Electrical house fires are caused by faulty wiring at the point of the outlet. So, Make sure your outlets are installed properly and securely. Despite the best efforts, active precautions are sometimes not enough to prevent fires.
So, we provide a smoke alarm as part of a home alarm system is by far the best way to help prevent injury or death from fire. It can get your family out of the house safely and can also be a way of alerting the fire department of an emergency so they arrive in time. Our systems of home alarm can alert and awaken your family before the smoke level gets to be too dangerous. It's essential for fire safety. Even if you forget to turn on the security system, you just need to use our simple and smart system to switch it on from wherever you may be. This allows you to stay relaxed during the entire day and not have to worry about the safety of your home.
Our sensors, cameras and biometric products give you the capability of hearing, speaking and see who is there without ever letting them know that you are even home with the person at the front door. Our home security system for timers, remote controls, or virtual controllers give you the power to run your home appliances and security from your couch, office, or anywhere else. It’s also user-friendly and ergonomic. You will be able to install these systems quickly, affordably, and effectively. Whether choosing a wireless or hardwired home automation system, and its installation is kept to a minimum. Your security and safety will be greatly enhanced. You will enjoy being safer.