Cloud Solutions

LinksPro Cloud Solution using high-end predictive analytics to improve the availability of resources to reduce risks, increase efficiency to provide flexible and scalable solutions to revolutionize businesses. Automation-led IT offerings are challenging the traditional ways of IT problem-solving methodologies. Inclusivity at a workplace is coupled with innovative ideas to ensure the best-in-class services for customers. Understanding the difference between a Public or private and Hybrid Cloud infrastructure can be difficult, and it is possible that this challenge in understanding has led many businesses to avoid implementing Cloud infrastructure altogether.


What is the Cloud? :

    Cloud is simply a network of computers and servers that will run applications and store data and information, this enables whole workforces to work and collaborate remotely. It allows businesses and the general public at large to take advantage of the network's overall computing capability, rather than simply the capability on their local machine. Because all of these servers are connected to the web it is additionally possible to attach to them remotely from any computer or internet enabled device, regardless of specification using only the internet.

The Private Cloud :

    The difference with a personal Cloud solution is that it is secured behind a company's own firewall, serving to overcome the difficulty of security. The physical server network does not essentially have to be on-site: data center providers conjointly offer off-site Hosted private Cloud which are extremely secure. Benefits of a personal Cloud: except for the pliability and magnified security, private Clouds conjointly enable businesses to move from a CAPEX infrastructure model to an OPEX model. Instead of having to shop for all of your infrastructure direct - effort it underused - private Clouds enable businesses to pay just for the server capability they have. This makes the Cloud extremely scalable and extremely efficient.


Managed Cloud :

    Our Managed cloud service helps to boost cloud environment by optimizing existing resources. Whatever you store on cloud should be properly managed and so that no loop in terms of managing cloud is left behind and organizations enjoy a highly scalable and green work environment. This call for managing all the applications developed using whole platforms to make them run on cloud effectively, efficiently and competently. Managed cloud solutions function on the basis of pay for what you use model. However, with managed solutions, you need not have to worry about both the facts as they are there to monitor and manage your cloud server. Any time availability is what managed cloud hosting providers focus upon so that users get the full benefit of their virtual environment.

Application Services :

    Application monitoring solutions should have a system that provides early warning signals and alarms for potential applications and web application problems. This helps us to get a heads up on the problems and helps to take immediate actions to pinpoint problems, analyze and set it right before it leads to another. Today's web application monitoring solutions use an extensible Java scripting using industry standard Java Script supports the monitoring of complex applications and web applications. If you are migrating your applications to a public or private cloud, it is essential to look at your monthly and yearly package options along with the many aspects like number of subscriptions, services, bandwidth limitations, one-time migration costs, integration costs, offers, and support and exit charges.

    Today, LinksPro will make it easier to manage workloads across geographies, by running seamlessly in physical, virtual or cloud computing environments from its cloud solution. With faster systems, employees can work smoothly in coordination with each other’s. Time management and decision-making become easier with our system. Our cloud solutions are a result of passionate employees working together to innovate and put forth game-changing ideas. While building data centers with workloads and core infrastructure that deliver business performance, hyper-scalability, and service continuity.