Private Cloud

The difference with a personal Cloud solution is that it is secured behind a company's own firewall, serving to overcome the difficulty of security. The physical server network does not essentially have to be on-site: data center providers conjointly offer off-site Hosted private Cloud which are extremely secure. Benefits of a personal Cloud: except for the pliability and magnified security, private Clouds conjointly enable businesses to move from a CAPEX infrastructure model to an OPEX model. Instead of having to shop for all of your infrastructure direct - effort it underused - private Clouds enable businesses to pay just for the server capability they have. This makes a personal Cloud extremely scalable and extremely efficient.

Private Cloud is able to address the needs of SMB and Enterprise organizations in whatever manner is required. Additionally, clients are able to mix provisioning options in order to maximize cost to benefit ratios. Our company offers a variety of professional services to help take the risk out of designing and deploying a wireless network for our client’s business offices.


  1. Wireless LAN survey – Conducting a wireless survey is essential to correctly implement a Wi-Fi
    network with 99.999% availability. Too many Wi-Fi networks simply do not work as intended or
    under-perform. Conducting a professional wireless site survey will save a business both time and
    money in the long term. Using the latest industry tools, and techniques to map out wireless radio
    frequency coverage of an intended area; we then provide clients with complete documentation on all
    aspects of the survey. We can conduct a survey with any wireless manufacturer's hardware in mind
    which is essential for the network design.

    We will provide Coverage Maps which display and record information from all the key areas of a
    wireless network including received signal strengths, access point locations, RF interference and noise

    A full spectrum analysis will include detection, measure and recording of the presence of RF
    Interference that could degrade the performance of a wireless network. Interference such as
    microwaves, PIR sensors, Bluetooth and legacy wireless devices can have a profound impact on a
    wireless network. 

  2. Wireless Network Consultancy – AGN offers a comprehensive range of wireless consultancy and
    support services to tackle the unknowns and improve the design and deployment of a network. In
    short, our consultants will advise on defining wireless strategy, choosing appropriate technologies and
    architecture for an efficient ROI, procurement, network design and deployment processes.

  3. Wireless Network Support – Onsite support comes as either ?pay-as-you-go? labour pack or
    unlimited pack, dependant on the client needs. The engineering time can be used for any onsite
    engineering requirements related to their wireless network, providing guaranteed next business
    working day response.

    By providing this level of resiliency, control and management, organizations can rest assured that their application services are being delivered in a manner they expect with the absolute minimum chance for interruption or downtime. LinksPro fully managed Private Cloud with "Managed IT" services, a CSP will offer clients proactive problem resolution, 24/7, and we will do everything from restarting services to maintaining the OS level operation and support.