Industry Solutions

In the fastest growing world, so many technological changes occur day by day. New inventions and innovations are coming rapidly. We are using so many technical innovations nowadays, which make our life so easy and all the work has been done with less manpower. So many companies are making latest products to make our life easy with an amalgamation of passionate employees. The technological companies transform all the things in the digital world. You can do anything when you just push a few buttons and see the results. The results are mind blowing, which make our life more comfortable.

So many innovative services are given by the fastest growing industries like LinksPro. It provides so many services like Small Office/Home Office solutions, Small & Medium Sized Businesses, Hospitality, Healthcare, K-12 Education, Legal Firms and so on. LinsPro Industry Solution supports commercial and residential networks around the globe with an unparalleled selection of high-performance network infrastructure products and systems. All the services describe one by one given below:

•    Small Office/Home Office:-

AGN managed services offerings will be targeted towards small office/home office (SOHO), small and medium sized organizations over public and/or private connectivity into our multi-tenant hosted infrastructure. Our managed services are also bundled with remote maintenance and monitor a customer's in-house IT infrastructure, end-user systems and/or office peripherals, typically on a proactive basis, under an up-front flat-fee and monthly subscription model.


LiksPro has a number of tools that are very easy to use that helps network engineers diagnose problems with your network and help provide indications of why a connection might be slow or not working by indicating where it gets stuck in the network. It pays dividends to get familiar with them for yourself. It reports all the network information for all of the network adapters on your PC, including wireless, cable, MAC address, IP address, gateway address (router), subnet (class of the address), hostnames, connection state etc.

•    Small & Medium Sized Businesses:-

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) could potentially have the most to gain from better procurement, yet they tend to lag far behind larger organizations in general sophistication (i.e. adopting basic strategic sourcing, category management, or compliance processes and policies) as well as technology adoption across source-to-pay (S2P) procurement technology. A business equipment can add considerable value to a small or medium sized business. Whether it be for restaurant equipment, cars or trucks, salon and beauty equipment, excavation equipment or retail fit out, the ability to secure this form of finance can be of great importance when looking to expand.


We will only be working with one client in a given geographical area, and I have been careful to make sure this geographical area doesn't overlap. We are working with no more than 12 clients per month. You're our first choice for your market area because we have either met or because you were recommended to us as someone who would work well with us.

•    Hospitality:-

Today, many businesses have to face difficulty in understanding their human resource and employment relations obligations whichever country or countries they operate in! Some industries as dynamic and fiercely competitive as the Hospitality industry. With low switching costs and scores of competitors ready to pounce defecting customers, business owners are constantly on tenterhooks to retain their existing loyal customers and acquiring new ones. Therefore the business needs to have comprehensive data, faster and at a competitive price, make it imperative for the hospitality industry to stay ahead on the technology curve.


We make succeeding in the competitive, rewarding hospitality field, both possible and likely. We regularly conduct seminars to serve business owners in their obligations and have assisted many businesses in the hospitality industry with practical solutions, training and mentoring in employment matters and have undertaken international work where requested and resources are available.

•    Healthcare:-

Technological advancements have allowed us to gather, process, and apply information faster than ever before. The healthcare industry is facing an alarming IT growth rate, instigated by recent health care legislation and reform. Healthcare has joined other industries in the quest to deliver a better customer experience. This has brought about a fundamental change in the healthcare industry and they have now shifted from volume to value of care of patients. Doctors, clinicians, staff, patients, and equipment are continuously moving, hospitals must comply with a variety of strict regulations and there are periods of high anxiety and life-and-death decisions.


Our Healthcare systems ensure quick and proper recording of patient data. The information is stored and making it more meaningful for the healthcare professionals. We offer a full slate of hardware, software, experience and expertise to meet your storage needs today, tomorrow and into the future. Our technology has helped create a system of engagement with patients. Physicians will be able to get more information about their patients and this can revolutionize the services that are provided to customers. Health professionals can explore and navigate reports faster.

•    K-12 Education:-

The knowledge is endless and Internet contains quite a big share of it. A large number of people depend on the Internet for the sake of learning. As a continuing education center, making sure students have access to the information they need for their education is crucial. You could offer a four star training course. If students are not able to access supplementary information or tools needed to take full advantage of that training, then they may be put at a disadvantage. So as education stands right now it's not working. Everyone is pointing fingers as the rules and demands grow. As the demands grow the results don't seem to improve. Then we add more rules and requirements to the previous ones. It is a cycle that makes us feel better because we are trying to fix the problem but were really not fixing anything.


Educational institutions ought to become more enterprising in the use of technology for their parent-teacher liaisons. We provide a system to access the ward's attendance or progress reports. Parents can be connected over conference calls or via two-way voice messaging platforms, our business phone system can be deployed for this purpose. A mobile app could be an interface worth exploring. Expanding the reach of education and improving the connectivity to students from far and wide are the two main objectives of digital connectivity. And with dedicated efforts these can bring far-reaching results.

•    Legal Firms:-

Like all other firms, the legal firm is not insulated from the tremendous changes in information technology over the past decade, and the challenges and opportunities it presents. If anything, the changes have more bearing on law firms & departments because information management is at the core of what they do - consulting with clients, colleagues or experts; increasing compliance & regulation demands, wading through a constantly expanding sea of legislation.


Technology efficacy and potency is never assured 100% by technocrats and everyone knows it will break at a certain level. Thus, to avoid a system downtime, business leaders look for network technology solutions to monitor their network. These days, LinksPro professional, competent and deliver network support and maintenance services 24*7 to ensure efficiency and quality. As technology innovators, it's must to avoid the intrigue of deciding success on established measurements like backup reliability and network uptime. LinksPro technology could be true business generators and high demand network technology solutions could yield measurable business outcomes and profits.

The main purpose of LinksPro is to make your work more easy & fast. Everything has been digitalize in the revolutionary world & make your life more comfortable. People conveniently move from one place to another and easily reach their destinations at a shortest possible time. People become more comfortable due to technological innovations. The LinksPro technological decade has unfolded, and businesses are gearing up to keep pace with the emerging trends and evolving user requisites of this era.