K-12 Education

The knowledge is endless and Internet contains quite a big share of it. A large number of people depend on the Internet for the sake of learning. As a continuing education center, making sure students have access to the information they need for their education is crucial. You could offer a four star training course. If students are not able to access supplementary information or tools needed to take full advantage of that training, then they may be put at a disadvantage. So as education stands right now it's not working. Everyone is pointing fingers as the rules and demands grow. As the demands grow the results don't seem to improve. Then we add more rules and requirements to the previous ones. It is a cycle that makes us feel better because we are trying to fix the problem but were really not fixing anything.

In the last some of the years the requirement for qualified educators has boomed rapidly. In fact, with the rise in education standards and the number of educational institutes and schools, the education industry expects to look for more qualified educators in the coming years. Today, we cannot deny the fact that education is an extremely rewarding career field but currently it is demanding more facilities to easily educate students at the elementary school or college level.

This facility can consist of podcasts, video tutorials, blogs, RSS feeds and email newsletters to name a few. Electronic Education is the future of all education and its live example can be the presence of ever increasing education community. This is the impact of its success that paperback books have turned into PDFs, audio CDs have turned into MP3s and interactive videos are streaming all over the Internet. One of the obvious advantages of LinksPro is that you don't need to travel. You can sit in the comfort of your home or office and gain the knowledge you want.

Another advantage of LinksPro is that you can study at your own pace. You don't need to take assignments and work hard to meet deadlines for term papers. LinksPro gives you all important tools so that you can study at your place. With laptops, I-Pods, and other wireless devices, the E-learning community has a portable classroom. This is a totally personal, educational system that can be taken anywhere. World class education is here, which promises convenience. Best part is that such educational system is cost-effective. The system is growing with great pace and online training and online consulting is achieving good success.

Here are some of the major points mentioned below that LinksPro offer for the K12 Education facility:


•    The best hardware, high speed broadband connections, quality digital content and well trained teachers to integrate technology into teaching and learning.

•    Enable virtual Co-enterprise convenience amongst students and faculty for improving information exchange; promote collaborative learning and exchange of ideas.

•    Offering dedicated, uninterrupted and cost-effective connectivity options for students to help them access and exploit the global reservoirs of information and information tools for better learning, understanding and experience.

    Encouraging and enabling teachers to devise digitally stimulating and compatible teaching methods. And use technology for improving children's learning capabilities.

    Facilitating online interaction of parents with teachers for improved liaison.

The realization of the above objectives is possible with the collaborative efforts of the four most important factors:


1. Leadership: 

There is a need for strong, decisive and long term leadership in the space of digital education. If our governments and educational institutions can come together to put in place such strong leadership, it will go a long way in improving education using digital connectivity.

2. Infrastructure: 

While several improvements have come about in the connectivity space. The last-mile connectivity is still a challenge in far flung areas. Without the right infrastructure it would not be possible to employ connectivity any better.

3. Teacher's Involvement: 

Teachers & faculty must take the most important step in integrating connectivity & digital tools to improve learning amongst children. Teachers are the vital cog in the wheel to use increased connectivity in education.

4. Learning Resource: 

As connectivity improves, there is now an acute need for learning resources to be available in the digital formats. This will encourage students to use the connecting channels more authoritatively.

Managing Announcements:-

You are not limited to just one screen either, most digital signage systems for education will enable as many screens as you need to cover the key points of the school campus. Using your existing wired network, or perhaps even a wireless network, you can display the same information across as many screens as is necessary for the subject. Most schools will use different template and content depending upon the location of the screen, for example a screen in reception will be designed for visitors or students passing through, whilst the screen in the school canteen may have lasted all the healthy menu options of the day.

Choosing the Right Solution for Education:-

Choosing the right digital signage in education should be done carefully as the pricing structure of every solution will be different with some providing an 'all-in-one' package with all necessary hardware and software, with other solutions being software only and each unique screen content requiring a new license.

Outdoor digital signage:-

Outdoor digital signage allows education facilities like the above to not only communicate with staff and pupils entering and leaving the facility, but also the local community, which longer important for many areas as schools and colleges no just provides facilities for students but provide other services to the local community too.

Educational institutions ought to become more enterprising in the use of technology for their parent-teacher liaisons. We provide a system to access the ward's attendance or progress reports. Parents can be connected over conference calls or via two-way voice messaging platforms, our business phone system can be deployed for this purpose. A mobile app could be an interface worth exploring. Expanding the reach of education and improving the connectivity to students from far and wide are the two main objectives of digital connectivity. And with dedicated efforts these can bring far-reaching results.