Legal Firms

Like all other firms, the legal firm is not insulated from the tremendous changes in information technology over the past decade, and the challenges and opportunities it presents. If anything, the changes have more bearing on law firms & departments because information management is at the core of what they do - consulting with clients, colleagues or experts; increasing compliance & regulation demands, wading through a constantly expanding sea of legislation.

Recent times have seen increased competition & changes in underlying market structure. There has been a continuing trend of the decline of "relationship layering". Traditionally strong relationships between law firms and corporate are eroding, with more companies opting for in-house legal departments, or "shopping around" for the best deal. Another significant trend is the increasing convergence of legal markets, where competition is as likely to come from a firm in another state or overseas as from a local firm.

IT Needs of the Legal Industry:-

Centralized Document Storage - The legal profession generates a tremendous amount of digital information in the form of case files, contracts, court filings, exhibits, evidence, briefs, agreements, bills, notes, records and other office activity such as email. This information is the firm's collective knowledge & learning which sets it apart from the competition and needs to be retrieved again and again. Compliance also requires certain documents to be stored & retrievable for extended periods of time. Attorneys across different offices need to access and collaborate on this information.

About eight to ten years back, it was true that access to the above technologies was available only to huge firms whose budget and scale justified dedicated IT departments. But today, LinksPro allows even small to mid-sized firms easy access to big business technologies, but without having to deal with the messy underbelly and huge costs associated with them.

Benefits of LinksPro Solutions:

    Low Implementation

    Cost Effective


    Mobile Access

    Enterprise Class Features

    Backup & Security

    Updates & Enhancements

LinksPro is an approach where the software vendor undertakes the burden of creating, hosting, maintaining and securing the application upon himself, and further lets it out to customers over the internet as a service. Customers do not pay for owning the software itself but rather for using it. Some specific benefits of the LinksPRo approach are as follows:-

No Implementation, No Dedicated IT Department:- 

Since the backing is taken care of by the vendor, users don't have to bother about hardware, software downloads, server security, configuration, etc. Implementation cycles of months are cut down to just a few days. For example, Hyper Office just requires a sign up, and customers can get it up and running within minutes.

Cost Effective:- 

Scale up & Down as Needed - The cost structure of LinksPro solutions is usually a reasonable monthly per user fee. This ensures that minimal costs are locked in, unlike enterprise solutions where tens of thousands of dollars are committed. Moreover, there is no cost uncertainty, as terms are clearly laid out, which allows for greater predictability.

Big Business Features:-

A range of big business functionality is available to users, but they don't have to bother about the complex backend which goes with implementing this functionality, since that is the vendor's headache.

Flexibility & Mobility:-

Keep Connected Always - These solutions are developed with a view to delivery over the web. This ensures that the system with full functionality is available over simply a web browser, saving users from tiresome downloads or implementations on local workstations. Moreover, since these solutions are children of the internet & mobility era, they also allow access over mobile devices. Hyper Office allows almost full functionality over many mobile devices with internet access including iPhone.

User Friendly:- 

Ease of use is of prime importance to a non techie attorney. LinksPro solutions are out-of-the-box. The emphasis is on ease of use, with the messy backend taken care of. The entire Hyper Office solution can be managed from a central console and needs no technical expertise at all - truly child's play!

Backup & Security:- 

Let the Experts Handle It - Ensuring security and disaster preparedness requires effort. Antivirus software needs to be purchased and implemented, the system needs constant monitoring, and physical security of the servers needs to be ensured. Disaster recovery plans also have to be put in place in case of events like fire, natural disasters, etc. Backup servers and magnetic tapes have to be maintained, frequency of backups has to be managed etc. Whew!

With LinksPro, all this is a part of the messy backend taken care of by the vendor. Moreover, these vendors have developed an expertise in hosting and securing applications, since this is their core operation. This is an expertise a mid-sized law firm cannot, nor would like to develop.

Updates & Enhancements:– 

Since it application resides on the vendor's servers, the vendor can simply add updates, enhancements and new features at his own end, which are instantly available to the users of the application. 

Technology efficacy and potency is never assured 100% by technocrats and everyone knows it will break at a certain level. Thus, to avoid a system downtime, business leaders look for network technology solutions to monitor their network. These days, LinksPro professional, competent and deliver network support and maintenance services 24*7 to ensure efficiency and quality. As technology innovators, it's must to avoid the intrigue of deciding success on established measurements like backup reliability and network uptime. LinksPro technology could be true business generators and high demand network technology solutions could yield measurable business outcomes and profits.